When your brand calls for something extra, call Jory.

    Jory's title should be 'alchemist.' She's one of those rare art director/designers who knows how to combine artistry and a
strong marketing sense to create pure gold for her clients.
I love working with her!"

Paula Zargaj-Reynolds, Senior Copywriter, Mullen


"You are very lucky to have been put in contact with Jory Mason.
She is a very talented, dedicated professional from beginning-to- end of every project she undertakes. I have worked with Jory on a freelance basis for over five years. She is without a doubt the best art director you can hire on a freelance basis." Just as important as Jory's talents as an art director is that she is a truly an honest, sincerely nice person. The day-to-day conversations we have about ongoing projects are
very enjoyable. Her enthusiasm about her work is contagious, refreshing and rare in my experience."
Debra Dery, Account Executive, Duffy & Shanley Direct


    First and foremost, Jory is a very talented advertising
professional. Her conceptual abilities are outstanding. She is an
excellent art director and graphic designer. And she's very adept
at establishing inspired creative direction based on specific
marketing objectives.

    As a manager, Jory is a fair and even-handed leader who knows
how to motivate creative department personnel and support staff
to do their absolute best work.

    Jory is a tireless and organized worker who is capable of
supervising and/or executing many different client projects
simultaneously. Her knowledge of print production resources,
technologies and costs is considerable.

    Last, but certainly not least, Jory is an upbeat, enthusiastic
person with a great sense of humor and a warm, engaging
manner that you and your staff are certain to enjoy."
Don Crane, Owner, Crane Creative Services


    Brava! These are so beautiful (but everything you do is…)
Thank you for all of your great work."
Regina Twiss, Marketing Manager, Datamation (Cahners Publishing Associates)

Areas of Expertise:

Print + Web Design

Direct Response Advertising

Promotional Campaigns

Trade Show Design

Client Relationships

freelance art director + graphic designer + creative director + consultant